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Prior to moving to Mahomet, I had chiropractic care for my neck and back. Upon moving and because I felt better I let my care lapse. Over the last four years, my neck and back pain returned and became severe to the point I couldn’t sleep at night. Therefore, I decided to consult Dr. Gray. After a full exam and x-rays, we discussed my diagnosis and treatment. After my first adjustment, I experienced immediate relief. Until my spine and neck were able to “stay corrected,” I visited weekly. With each visit my pain lessened, and I am now on a maintenance plan. This time, I will absolutely maintain my spinal care and not lapse in care.
I would absolutely recommend Dr. Gray and his staff to anyone suffering even minor discomfort. Life isn’t meant to live in pain.

Mahomet Chiropractor | Mahomet chiropractic Testimonials | IL |
I came to Gray Chiropractic because I was having major lower back pain. This was a reoccurring problem that I had several years ago that had been fixed by a Chiropractic, but I had relocated where I was employed and it had become inconvenient to go to my aftercare appointments. Needless to say the problem came back, so I stopped at Dr. Gray’s which was on my way to work. He diagnosed me, treated me and now I am pain free. I am able to move a lot better, and I am more flexible. I definitely plan to stick with my aftercare this time around. All the staff at Gray Chiropractic are awesome. I would recommend that you go there for any pain that you are having. It may be scary at first, but trust me when I say you are literally in good hands.

Mahomet Chiropractor | Mahomet chiropractic Testimonials | IL |

Six years ago I began experiencing blurred vision and constant headaches. I visited my optometrist to see if my vision was the problem. He stated my eyes were fine and to check with my Primary Physician. A formal physical with my doctor concluded that I had a bulge in my neck. I had sustained an injury on the job and I didn’t realize it. Chiropractic Care was suggested. I had been given Dr. Gray’s name from a family member.

After long thought, I decided to give it a try. I had already been seen by 2 doctors and gone to physical therapy and wasn’t receiving any benefit upon my visit to Dr. Gray’s office, he and his staff welcomed me. I was treated with a confidence that showed I could be helped. They assured me I would feel better in little time. Dr. Gray adjusted my neck and back the same day. Within a few moments I could feel my headache releasing. I was amazed! Over the next few weeks I learned Dr. Gray and his staff genuinely cared about my well being and health. Today, I am on a maintenance program improving more each day. He has taught me to “listen to my symptoms” and to catch them before they catch me.