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That is really good question. What make my Chiropractic Clinic different from other Clinics around? I will mention three things I think that sets my Clinic apart from the others.


First: Listening, the most important part of our care to our patients is listening. We want to understand what you are suffering from so that we can determine if it is something we can help. Chiropratic care does wonderful things for most patients but not all patients are Chiropratic patients. By listening to what you have to tell me about your symptoms, I can get an idea if you are in the right place.


Second: Caring, while most Doctors are very caring people. I have had the opportunity to see first hand what wonders Chiropractic care can do. My background with Chiropractic care started with my mother getting adjustments for breathing problems (yes-Chiropractic care may help you breath better - See my bio). To see someone you love unconditionally go from being unable to cross a room without problems to living an active lifestyle again is astouding. This is what got me to become a Chiropractor and I strive everyday to give the best care I can to my patients, just like my mom got.


Third: Experience. I have helped thousands of patients. I know when to treat and when to refer. I know finding a Chiropractic is daunting especially for the first time. I want you to know that I have had over 35 years of experience and that I go regularly to continuing education classes to keep on top of any new developments in the Chiropractic field. I want you to know when we meet, you will treated with respect, kindness, and understanding. Together we will discuss your problems and come together to get the right solution.


I hope this has helped you answer your question of Why Choose Us.

Why Choose Us?




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