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It is my pleasure to write a testimony for Gray’s Chiropractic.  I have been under Dr. Gray’s care since 1981.  When I first became a patient, I had been having backaches that would come and go.  Unfortunately as time went on, the backaches came more frequently and stayed a little bit longer.  At my first appointment Dr. Gray x-rayed my back.  At my second visit, Dr. Gray met with me to explain what the x-rays indicated and his recommended treatment plan.

I had never met with a chiropractor before and was a little bit skeptical, especially regarding the number of treatments I would require.  My treatment plan was frequent visits at the beginning and gradually reducing the number as my lower back became strong enough to stay in place.

I have had a few flare ups in the last 35 years but not many.  Usually I had lifted too much, pulled weeds (a real no-no for me) or sat incorrectly in a chair.  I am so happy that I was referred to Dr. Gray so many years ago and expect to be his patient from here on in!

- K. D.

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We've included a few testimonials below to give you an idea of the level of service and care you can expect from Gray Chiropractic Clinic. Take a look at what our customers have to say about us!

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Prior to moving to Mahomet, I had chiropractic care for my neck and back. Upon moving and because I felt better I let my care lapse. Over the last four years, my neck and back pain returned and became severe to the point I couldn’t sleep at night. Therefore, I decided to consult Dr. Gray. After a full exam and x-rays, we discussed my diagnosis and treatment. After my first adjustment, I experienced immediate relief. Until my spine and neck were able to “stay corrected,” I visited weekly. With each visit my pain lessened, and I am now on a maintenance plan. This time, I will absolutely maintain my spinal care and not lapse in care.

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Six years ago I began experiencing blurred vision and constant headaches. I visited my optometrist to see if my vision was the problem. He stated my eyes were fine and to check with my Primary Physician. A formal physical with my doctor concluded that I had a bulge in my neck. I had sustained an injury on the job and I didn't realize it. Chiropractic Care was suggested. I had been given Dr. Gray's name from a family member.

After long thought, I decided to give it a try. I had already been seen by 2 doctors and gone to physical therapy and wasn't receiving any benefit upon my visit to Dr. Gray's office, he and his staff welcomed me. I was treated with a confidence that showed I could be helped. They assured me I would feel better in little time. Dr. Gray adjusted my neck and back the same day. Within a few moments I could feel my headache releasing. I was amazed! Over the next few weeks I learned Dr. Gray and his staff genuinely cared about my wellbeing and health. Today, I am on a maintenance program improving more each day. He has taught me to "listen to my symptoms" and to catch them before they catch me.

- B.

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I would absolutely recommend Dr. Gray and his staff to anyone suffering even minor discomfort. Life isn’t meant to live in pain.

- A. B.

I came to Gray Chiropractic because I was having major lower back pain. This was a recurring problem that I had several years ago that had been fixed by a Chiropractic, but I had relocated where I was employed and it had become inconvenient to go to my aftercare appointments. Needless to say the problem came back, so I stopped at Dr. Gray's which was on my way to work. He diagnosed me, treated me and now I am pain free. I am able to move a lot better, and I am more flexible. I definitely plan to stick with my aftercare this time around. All the staff at Gray Chiropractic are awesome. I would recommend that you go there for any pain that you are having. It may be scary at first, but trust me when I say you are literally in good hands.

- N. B.

I began seeing Dr. Gray approximately 10 years ago when I had severe back pain with shooting pain down my leg.  Dr. Gray quickly diagnosed the cause of my pain and began chiropractic treatment. Initially, I was seeing Dr. Gray three times a week as the pain was excruciating.  After several adjustments, the pain began to subside and I had significant improvement in my lower back and hip.  I also mentioned to Dr. Gray that I continued to struggle with pain in my wrists even after carpal tunnel surgery.  He recommended incorporating wrist adjustments as part of my care and the pain stopped after a couple of treatments.    

Dr. Gray’s quick diagnoses and treatments have improved my health overall and I’m able to do normal activities without hurting.  I continue to see Dr. Gray once a month for maintenance/wellness care to ensure that my back, hips, and wrists remain aligned so I can continue to be pain free and in good health.  Dr. Gray is concerned about your overall health and fitness to ensure that you are pain free.  Thanks to Dr. Gray’s treatment, I never had to be prescribed drugs for pain by a medical doctor.  If I prolong my maintenance appointment because I am out of town, I can tell as the discomfort begins to return, so I make every effort to go to my monthly appointment.

Dr. Gray and his staff are wonderful.  They are incredibly pleasant, professional, always willing to assist, and prepared to answer any questions.  I highly recommend Dr. Gray to anyone needing chiropractic care.

- P. H.

In July 2013, I saw my primary doctor for severe headaches with pain in the back of my neck. They did X-rays and I completed six weeks of physical therapy. After that, I was referred to a spine specialist. He ordered MRI and CT scans. I also had one injection in the left side of my head; the Occipital Nerve area. On the follow up visit I was told they could do no more. November 2013 thru January 2014, I received a series of three injections by a neurologist, which provided only temporary relief. Several medical practitioners advised against chiropractic treatment. Thanks to a co-worker of mine and a patient of Dr. Kevin Gray, I made an appointment to see Dr. Gray. I have received treatments since February 2014 to the present time. The laser treatments for inflammation along with the adjustments have controlled the exhaustive pain and severe headaches without medication. I recommend chiropractic treatments by Dr. Kevin Gray. I am overwhelmed with the results and back to enjoying life.

- M. B.

My name is Nancy and I love Dr. Gray!

I had polio when I was 9 years old and my right leg and foot stopped growing so my leg is ½ inch shorter and shoe size is 1 size smaller.  I was in terrible pain in my lower back, neck and hip and the meds just was not taking care of it.  On 12/09/1997 I just could not handle the pain anymore and thought I would have to quit working, so my medical doctor and I decided that maybe if I went to a Chiropractor I could get some relief.

Dr. Gray said I needed x-rays and when we met to discuss them he said he could not cure me, but he could help me.  All of the doctors I had seen over the years none of them had ever said it would help if I wore a lift in my right shoe.  That was one of the first things he did to help me.  First we started a Corrective Care Program to keep me on a good level.  I finally got to the point that I could see him every other week. Now I am on the Wellness Program.

When I am gone for a month in the winter I can really tell the difference in my body pain level. The first thing I do when I get home is make an appointment with Dr. Gray.  He has really helped me and I recommend him to people all the time as I really think he is great!

- N. F.

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